Dad’s at Disneyland

dl-mandmIt’s not the first time I tell people Disney isn’t just for kids, and I guess it will not be the last time either. Not only do I convince people of this fact some don’t understand, but once I get some adult to tag along with me in a Disney park they really see what I and those other adult Disney fans are talking about. Adults can have fun too! I have been in Disneyland Paris on my own on many occasions and have been the Walt Disney World a couple of time with a friend too. We are not the only once who think it is possible, just like two Disney adventures sharing their magic on the web.

And why can’t a couple of dads in their 40s have a blast at the so-called Happiest Place on Earth? (

How right they are. There is enough to do for adults in all Disney Parks around the globe. They picked Disneyland in Anaheim for their adventure, but their story could take place in any other one too. Obviously, when guys go to a Disney park, there are some real guy things to talk about to. Sure riding the thrill rides is on top of a guys visit, but let’s be honest, sometimes it is difficult to keep your eyes of the princesses and other Beautiful Disney girls

We even felt liberated enough to engage in some refined adult conversation, discussing, among other things, which Disney princess we’d most like to date. (“Aladdin’s” Jasmine, of course). (

I remember walking out of Animal Kingdom one day when I spotted Pocahontas. She was absolutely gorgeous and my heart skipped a beat for whole other reasons as it would with children. (and I say this with all possible respect to women, I am a happily married man)

But there are many other things you can enjoy as dad’s, or adults, without the kids at one of the Disney resorts. A special dinner trip, a more relaxing holiday involving time at the resort pools, a visit at the ESPN sports bar, and so on.

A surprising high point was something no sane person would ever attempt with kids: A 3 1/2-hour walking tour through the Magic Kingdom called “In Walt’s Footsteps.” (

But even if dad’s go on their own there is always that one feeling that doesn’t go away. I know how it feels, even after my solo or with friends visits to the parks, the feeling is always there…

In the end, though, you find yourself missing the kids more often than not. And after the fuss they made when we got home, it’s pretty obvious we won’t get away with leaving them behind any time soon. (

Disney parks are great fun, also for adults or a trip without the kids. But at the end of the day you just wish you could have shared it with the persons you love the most… your kid(s).

Read their full story here.

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