Disney is Going to National Harbor

disney-nh1The Walt Disney Company has bought a 15 acre plot at Prince George’s County’s National Harbor. Disney plans to build a 500 room hotel resort on their newly acquired land. Although there is no indication in the news item, it could be a new Disney Vacation Club property to add to their list, including the Adventures by Disney offerings of guided tours. What you will not see is a theme park attached to the hotel resort, nor will one even be build.

“The National Harbor resort is a completely different kind of project,” Rasulo said. “It’s specifically zoned for hotel, residential and other commercial development. This project is a hotel resort. It is not by any stretch of the imagination a theme-park project and never will be. We have no intention of building a large-scale theme park in the Washington area.” (Washington Post)

It looks like Disney will not be stopped to expand their brand, even during these difficult days. Obviously they will have been given a great deal on the plot of land for those exact same reasons. Even so this deal will be a good one for many people as it could provide many new jobs. However, Disney did not give a time frame on their new project.

Business, though, has been slowed by the recession, and many of the 400 residences at National Harbor have not been sold. A Disney spokesman said the company will almost certainly go ahead with the project despite the economic climate, but the company did not provide a timetable. (Washington Post)

For more on this story follow the link to the Washington Post.

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    Sounds intriguing! Sounds like maybe more of an adult destination?

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