The Princess and the Frog Trailer

disneyfrogDisney has release the trailer of their newest feature, The Princess and the frog. The film is loosely based upon the book The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker, but comes with a small twist as you will be able to see in the trailer. Beware of spoilers when watching it. This will be the 49th Walt Disney Animation Studios Canon movie. (Rapunzel will be the magic 50th in the list)

You can find the trailer here. There is also a HD trailer. The movie will be limited released in NY and LA on November 25 (2009) and will go nationwide on December 11 (2009). Very surprisingly Germany’s release date is set to December 10, 1 day before the USA nationwide release date. Russia might get the movie release on December 24, followed by Australia on December 26. Most other countries will have to wait until January or even up to February before the can view the new Disney animation. These dates could still change.

Picture Copyrights Disney

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