Hannah Montana on the music charts

When I discussed the predictions and then the actual box office of “Hannah Montana: The Movie” last week I mentioned that it would be interesting to see how the success on the box office would influence the sales of the soundtrack album. That had been released in advance already but did sell less copies than prior Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus CD released. So with the first regular week with the movie out on the big screen it was time to check back in with the Billboard Charts for the US …

While the album still did not make it to the #1 spot of the Billboard Album Charts – it returned to #2 for the third week the album is on sale. Quite a feat which also earned it the title “greatest gainer” of the week. After debuting on #2 in the April 11, 2009 charts the album dropped to #5 for the week leading up to the big screen opening of the movie. The album did remain in the #1 spot on the Billboard Soundtrack Album Charts though, which it debuted on three weeks ago and which it did not relinquish inbetween.

While the performance of the soundtrack album still lacks behind the prior Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus CD releases the strong move up in the Billboard charts strongly indicates that the large box office of opening weekend must have influenced the sales numbers – i.e. that fans who had refrained from buying the album prior to watching the movie now did buy a copy. Considering how avid fans of Hannah Montana have been in the past and how they have tried to get their hands on new releases as early as possible I still assume that the country element lept them off the album and they only learned through the movie that the country element is minimal only. In the end I would expect that the country element will not be coming back in strength anytime soon on the tv-series and other releases of Miley Cyrus…

Speaking of country music and the Billboard charts: the number one spots on the Billboard Album Charts as well as the Billboard Country Charts are currently held by Rascal Flatts with their new album “Unstoppable” who debuted right away on these spots (as did Hannah / Miley in the past). Why I mention this? Well, because Rascal Flatts are Disney artists as well releasing their records on “Lyric Street”, the country music label of Walt Disney Records. Even Disney aficionados not interested in country music might remember them from the soundtrack albums of Disney Pixar’s CARS (“Life Is A Highway”) or Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove (“Walk The Llama Llama”, written for the film but not used in the film) or even the soundtrack album for “Hannah Montan: The Movie” – which brings us full circle.

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