Attraction Attendance Report

wdw-nice-castle2008 has not been the best year for the theme park around the world. Parks have seen their attendance and guest spending drop. The 2008 Attraction Attendance Report from TEA ERA shows a clear picture on 2008 and it’s, mainly losses of guests for some of the big names in the business.

In the 2008 top 20 of highest attendance in Theme Parks of North America you have the Magic Kingdom on top again. It closed the year with 17,063,000 visitors. They should be happy about that, even if that number is no improvement from last year, during these dark times of recession that isn’t the worst result. On the second place we find Disneyland with 14,721,000 visitors, a drop of 1% from the previous year. Epcot, just like the Magic Kingdom, also didn’t loose or gained any more visitors then the previous year, with a count of 10,935,000 visitors. Epcot got third place.

Forth place is for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Studios gained 1%, mainly because of the opening of Toy Story Mania and the new American Idol Attraction (campaign). They got 9,608,000 visitors in 2008. Disney Animal Kingdom gained 0,5%. With 9,540,000 this gate is closing the top 5 places before the first non Disney gate appears on the list.

Universal Studios in Florida has the Simpson ride to thank for a small increase of 0,5%. (6,231,000 visitors). Seaworld in Florida is doing worst and loses 2,9% in comparison to previous year.

Disneyland California Adventure also closes the year with a loss of 2,0%. With 5,566,000 visitors it ends up on the 8th spot in the list. Islands of Adventure gets spot number 9 but also lost 2,4%. On the 10th place we find Universal Studios Hollywood, also loosing 2,5% of their previous total.

In Europe we get a different picture. Although some parks did loose, most parks could either stay flat or gain visitors. The bad news however is that those loosing visitors did so with a high percentage. The big winner is Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort Paris. It gained 5,7%, with 12,688,000 visitors picking the top spot. The Walt Disney Studios ended up on the 9th spot in the lists but did this with an increase of 4,5% and got 2,612,000 visitors. This is good news for Disneyland Resort Paris, but one will wonder if they can do this again in 2009. New attractions, Improvement of the Studios, it all helped… but with no big attractions planned for the future DLRP might it slip back a little in the next years(s) to come…

Second place goes to Europa Park (Germany), neither loosing or gaining guest, staying on a 4,000,000 visitors count. Tivoli Gardens (Denmark) lost 3,4%, but the biggest looser is Port Aventura in Spain. It’s on the forth place, but with ‘only’ 3,300,000 guest cannot be happy with the result. A total loss of 10,8%

In Asia Tokyo Disneyland is on the top with a small increase of visitors. It got 2,8% improvement to show for, with 14,293,000 visitors going through the gates. Tokyo DisneySea isn’t far behind, on the second spot. Also with a small increase of 0,7%, translating in 12,495,000 visitors. Universal Studios in Japan lost 4,7% of its visitors, ending up on the third spot. Hong Kong Disneyland end up on the 7th place with an increase of 7,9% and 4,5000,000 guests.

Looking at the top 25 of the world Disney ends up on the first 8 places

1 Magic Kingdom
2 Disneyland
3 Tokyo Disneyland
4 Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort Paris
5 Tokyo DisneySea
6 Epcot
7 Disney’s Hollywood Studios
8 Disney’s Animal Kingdom
13 Disney’s California Adventure
18 Hong Kong Disneyland
2 Disneyland

The Walt Disney Studios in Paris didn’t make it into the top 25.

The waterparks aren’t doing to good for 2008. Most of them lost visitors in the 2008 year. The number 1 spot goes to Typhoon Lagoon, losing 1%. The same amount Blizzard Beach lost. Blizzard Beach ended up in the second spot. Wet ‘n Wild (Orlando) lost about 5,1% and ended up on three. The forth place goes to the new Aquatica park. The park opened in March 2008 and got 950,000 visitors. It reached opening year target after 6 months. Not a bad result in these dark times.

The full report can be found here (pdf file)

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6 Responses to “Attraction Attendance Report”

  1. Attraction Attendance Report | - Disneyland Paris News & Rumors Says:

    […] more on the other parks and places visit the Mousekingdom Blog and download the official Attraction Attendance Report […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t the American Idol Show at DHS only open in 2009. So why did it influence the 2008 number???

    Regarding EuroDisneyland: really? really? Now, if the US-Disney Parks would through cheap and cheapest tickets around during high season as Paris allegedly did, they might show similar increases. I only wonder: how will Paris inflate its numbers this year?

    But why do you state that no major attraction is planned at EuroDisney? Aren’t those flat rides going into the studios as new “land” and the major dark ride??

    You may want to place the Disneyland Park in the second position in your charts btw.

    Typhoon Lagoon lost guests? OK. But the way I understood it didn’t they move the closing times around so that the park was closed twice in 2008 instead of once like in the past?

    Also a last question: which Wet’n’Wild park are you referring to in the water park section? Orlando? There are several in the US.

  3. Andy De Maertelaere Says:

    Indeed, Idol wasn’t open yet of course. I checked the original text of the report and they stated it in there.
    Second place is Disneyland of course. It was in my original text (still got it) but after mocking some things up on the blog I must have deleted the nr 2 by accident.
    I wouldn’t call the flat rides in DLRP big and there is no date yet for the dark ride.

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