Congratulations Hannah Montana

“Hannah Montana – The Movie” was the talk of the box office experts these past days – first last week when everyone talked it down, not the least Disney itself with a prediction of a combined box office of only 17 million US-$ for the three day easter-weekend … and then again of as of Saturday when the numbers poured in and it become obvious: “Hannah Montana – The Movie” had conquered the #1-spot at the box office!

As reported in detail by Nikki Finke, the movie made already $17.3 million on Friday alone opening in 3,118 theaters across the US – so the same amount Disney had predicted for the full weekend. As usual for the easter weekend ticket sales went down on Saturday, but Hannah Montana still added another $10.3 million. Estimates for Sunday were about another $6.4 million which should result in a total of $34 million. Enough to make it not only the #1 biggest Easter Weekend family release of all time (btw: Disney fills all three top spots in that list), but also the #2 highest grossing Easter Weekend release of all time!

I have to admit: it feels good that my prediction from last week, that the slower CD sales would be no indicator for the movie’s box office haul, seems to be correct. However, the interesting thing would now be to see whether this has any positive impact on the sales of the movie’s soundtrack album…

P.S.: don’t forget to post your reviews – about the movie and the soundtrack – in the comments if you find a minute ;-)

P.P.S.: just for reasons of comparison: Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” – now in its third week – played in more theater (4,136 to be exact) but made “only”  $22 million at the box office over the three day weekend. However, that brings the total US box office for that movie to a strong $141 million.

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2 Responses to “Congratulations Hannah Montana”

  1. chuck Says:

    Hannah Montana film didn’t open in Vicksburg ms locally which was a huge disappointment. It open in the Jackson Metro area but not at the local cinema. This could be percieved as a slap in face to parants,kids who are Hannah fans.

  2. Dirk v. Diringshofen Says:


    According to originally available information the movie should have opened with 4,136 copies, meaning that all over the US 4,136 theaters should have shown the movie (whereby a multiplex showing the movie in more than one theater in the same multiplex usually will just need one copy). NOw sitesd such as Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood have reduced that number to 3,118. However, that is still a very, very substantial number. In fact many other top-ten movies are playing in less than 3,000 theaters in the US only.

    However, I think it is really disappointing if one wants to see a movie opening weekend in the local multiplex / theater and it is not playing. Especially with more and more theaters using digital projection systems the need for copies is fading away allowing theaters and movie studios more flexibility. Afterall copies are expensive and do put a limit on the amount of theaters a movie can play in.

    Did you talk to your local cinema? Was it their decision to forgo the movie on opening weekend, that of the management of the group (if they belong to a chain) or did they want to and Disney did not provide them with a copy? If it was their decision (or that of the chain’s management) making your voice heard might help avoid a similar disappointment next time.

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