Germany: get ready for LOST!

The US audience of ABC is getting ready for the 2 hour finale of the fifth season of LOST on May 13. The German LOST fans watching the show on the free-tv station Pro7 only this Monday finally saw the finale of season 4 … but fans in Germany should get ready now to catch up … because TODAY at 8.15 pm FOX Channel Germany starts the fifth season – not even 5 months after it premiered in the US!!

The pay-tv station FOX already aired the Germany premiere of the fourth season and now continues with the Germany premiere fifth season – which it presents with the original English soundtrack as well as with a German dubbed soundtrack. Since FOX Channel Germany finally switched to 16:9 transmission on April 1st the fifth season finally can be seen as originally envisioned by its creators and as aired on ABC.

Those not subscribed to FOX Channel Germany will have to wait another 6 months prior to the free-tv premiere of the show – if not longer, after the fourth season had to fight with declining ratings… However, that is too long for me … so you’ll find me watching FOX tonight.

P.S.: not wanting to advertise the station too much, but FOX is also the German home to “Greek” a great show from ABC family in the US.

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