UP!… Going Down?

up-3d-posterPixar’s next big animation release will be “UP”, but analysts say that it was a bad choice. The movie isn’t commercial enough and young boys might not like the main character to much.

Also the toy manufactures aren’t to happy. Previous Pixar movies where not only a success in theaters but made big cash in the toy stores too. Especially “Cars” is a big success with its $5bn record sales so far. Cars merchandise is still going strong, even three years after its first release. Toy manufactures don’t see a repeat of that success with the movie “UP”.

Analyst are concerned that Pixar is moving in a downwards spiral in commercial terms and will hurt shareholders in the long run who’s goal is to make money from whatever Disney or Pixar bring to the theater.

“UP” might not be out there yet but already brought some success to the project with it being the first animation to open the Cannes Film Festival. While that is a big thing and will give the movie some extra attention, it might not be enough to make the analysts happy and change their minds.

In a more personal note, I must admit that the trailer looks great and I can’t wait to see the movie myself. Let’s hope the analyst are wrong, however I also think there is no real toy market for this movie…

Source: The Guardian.

Picture copyrights Disney

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