Racing Lighting McQueen

The box office in the US is a burning … record after record is falling … while other parts of the economy are hard hit, going out for an evening at the movies seems to be “the” thing to do right now in the US. Past weekend the fourth installment of Universal’s franchise “Fast & Furious” (titled: “Fast & Furious – New Model… Original Parts”) starring Vin Diesel (he is still making movies??), Paul Walker as well as Michelle Rodriguez (which also starred in ABC’s hit series LOST) – all three from the original first movie – did take advantage of the hot box office by leaving several notable box office records in the US behind it in the dust according to reports:

Opening north of 70 million US-$ the movie easily beat the record for best April opening weekend ever, highest opening weekend of 2009 (so far held by Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” with 59.3 million US-$) and more … including one record held by Disney Pixar: best ever opening weekend for a car themed movie. That record was held by Disney Pixar’s CARS at 60.1 million US-$. So … will CARS II have a shot to win that record back for Disney Pixar? Guess we have to wait… after all CARS – despite setting that opening weekend record – was often listed as being less of a top earner at the box office and more of interest to Wall Street (and therefore ultimately the Walt Disney Company) because of the incredible merchandise sales it generated and still generates … and that is an area the “Fast & Furious” franchise certainly is not aiming for.

P.S.: was that only my impression or was the fourth short in Disney Pixar’s series of short films based on “CARS” starring Mater (the two truck from CARS) titled “Tokyo Mater” (and shown before Disney’s “BOLT”) partially inspired by the setting of the third installment of Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise? Afterall in it Mater – with the help of“Dragon” Lightning McQueen – attempts to drift to victory and become “Tow-ke-O Mater, King of all Drifters” in Tokyo … and the third installment of Universal’s franchise was “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ” (in 2006) which took place in the undergorund world of Tokyo’s drift racing as well.

P.P.S.: for those interested – Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” came in second in the box office this week earn 33.5 million US-$ bringing its total for the first 10 days to 105.7 million US-$.

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