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The welcome letter to D23 charter members and the charter members' membership card

The welcome letter to D23 charter members and the charter members' membership card

Following a first of what might become a series of “step by step” reports about Disney’s Official Fan Community “D23″, which was subject of various posts in the past. Even so the pricing without question must be considered as “overpricing” for interested members outside the US (more than 120 $ including postage in Europe) I made – certainly just for the sake of reporting here on the Mousekingdom Blog – the decision to spend the money and bought a membership right away. Afterall I assume as an interested person living outside North America Disney would expect me to be grateful that they are selling me the membership in the first place, since they always turned international buyers down for their (funnily failed) attempt of the Disney yearbook … but back to our D23-topic … so what happened next?

Well, I got an e-mail notification that they did mail my “order” to me and then received an e-mail membership newsletter. My package? No sign of it, till last Friday when a small envelop arrived by mail. It featured the pencil drawing of Mickey as a bandleader (to be exact mostly the face segment of it) on the outside. But it was a rather small envelop. For sure it was NOT containing the magazine – which I had assumed would arrive right away and (most probably) would be the only thing besides the welcome gift I might be interested in. No Sir.

The only thing in the enevelop – which was actually just one large piece of glossy paper held together that one had to unfold to read the letter on the inside – was the welcome letter announcing great thigns to come for members … very similar to the plain advertisement on the D23 website. Next to the letter was my membership card that I could use to identify myself as a “charter member” (founding member / member in the first year of existence). However, I doubt that I will need to anytime soon, unless I time a trip to one of the US-resorts of Disney especially for an according event or Disney – surprisingly – decides to offer something for D23-members at Disneyland Resort Paris (which would be a really big surprise, but might make sense from a business perspective to sell more memberships in Europe, which at this point is a nearly untapped customer basis for this). Anyway no membership certificate, no magazine no welcome gift … however, they announced that it should arrive in about 2 weeks time. Now, I assume that the letter is sent to US members as well. Therefore, I would expect the 2 weeks further time not to be so much based on actual time needed for the transportation but for Disney to mail the stuff in the first place. In other words: I expect it to take even longer than 2 weeks … but if you keep checking back here, I will let you know, once I get the next package from D23.

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