Disneyland Resort Paris B’Day trip – Day 1

I can’t explain why I feel like it was, but it felt that this trip was the best so far… I just loved every minute of it. Could have been the great weather (finally after this terrible and could winter), could have been the company (well, that’s a given as I was their with my family) or was their another reason. I might not know why I felt like that on this trip, all I now is that it was great.

thecastle-again2-sIt started out fantastic with a super deal we found on Expedia.com (sounds a bit like an advertisement now) for the Marriott. I never expected to ever stay their but the deal was to sweet to let it pass. Now I am happy we did. The accommodations are great, big spacious rooms, 2 bathrooms, big living room and a kitchen with everything you need (if you wanted to cook for yourself). We loved and if another deal like that would pop up we would go again. However, even if we thought it was a great place, it is advised to visit this only when you have your own form of transportation. There is a shuttle bus but on the low season day it was packed to full capacity and I have heard from people staying their you can sometimes wait for 1 hour before you can catch another one. It is said the shuttle only goes out every 40 minutes, but in high season that might just not be enough.

We had two days of Disney fun ahead of us. One of them was on a busy Sunday, while we could really enjoy the park on a quiet Monday. It was great weather so the locals came to the park and queues got up to 80+ minutes for the popular rides. I can still see many people not taking full advantage of the FastPass system (maybe that’s a good thing for us who do), so they are forming big lines.

This time my son was looking forwards to go on Indiana Jones et le Temple du PĂ©ril. He was just a little to short last time (the CM back then really tried to get him to fit, but at the end took the right decision not to let him on) and as he had grown knows that this time he would be able to go. No wonder this was going to be our first ride (After getting Big Thunder Mountain FastPass tickets first). It was his new favorite ride, a normal reaction for a kid that could go on the attraction for the first time after waiting for it so long I guess.

stagecastle1-sThe rest of the day was more of your normal regular park visit. We did some rides here and there, I tried to get another 999.999 points on Buzz but failed miserably with only 550.000, visited many shops and enjoying the park with a lot of sun! We did hop over to the Studios to ride Tower of Terror, but with a waiting time over 1 hour and a queue that had formed well outside the regular queueing area we decided to pass on it and come back for that the next day.

In the afternoon we drove back to the Marriott as we wanted to try the pool. It’s always nice to break up the day, something to many people don’t want to do as they think they might miss out on rides if they did. But those afternoon breaks are always good I find. It gets you away from the most crowded moments of the parks. We did enjoy the swim in the pool, but once there where about 15 people it did feel a bit cramped already.

After that we went to the Disneyland Hotel for a drink. We love that hotel and during the (non alcoholic) drink we decided to get ourself a piggy bank set up at home so we can collect some extra money and stay their again. It has been to long, and we just love that place.

We stayed at the Hotel for Dinner in the fantastic California Grill. The food is exquisite, and it turned into a fantastic experience. It might be a little expensive but it beats all the fast food and the buffet style restaurants that have taken over most of the parks. Even the Child’s menu is a feast, getting them away from your regular pizza and fries stuff. My son loved the vegetable soup and the chicken dish (which also includes veggies).

We finished our first day inside the Disneyland park. My son and I visited Phantom Manor and with only 7 people in the elevator the Cast Member had some fun with one of the girls, constantly scaring here by popping up right behind her. That was a lot of fun and proofs that Cast Members enhance the experience. However, the best part of our evening in the park was our Big Thunder Mountain visit. We could stay seated for a second ride. I always love it when that happens (yes it happened before, mostly at night). It is great when the Cast Members ask you if you want to stay seated, instead of making you leave the train that would have an empty seat otherwise anyway. A perfect ending to a fantastic first day at the park.

But it wasn’t the end of the day itself yet. Back at the hotel I got to open some packets, well bags, filled with Birthday presents (NO, I will not tell you my age). All Disney clothing… Yes, I am such a geek and that’s all I ever wear. I’ll never grow up… So thanks to this day at Disney and my son and wife, this turned out to be a fantastic first day…

Make sure to visit again tomorrow for part 2

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