Power Rangers not that mighty anymore

March 8 saw the premiere of the latest season of Disney’s long running children tv series “Power Rangers” (currently titled “Power Ranges R.P.M.”) but just the day before The New Zealand Herald reported that cast and crew of the show were informed that Disney would drop the show after the current season’s 32 episodes and end production. Thus after 17 seasons another chapter in the history of children tv comes to end. The show originally premiered on FOX as “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” but moved to ABC and also selected Disney premium channels when it was acquired by Disney in 2003.

While Disney did not officially confirm the report it was taken up by various online and offline sources including The New York Post, according to which the tv show has become “passé” even so the toys still seem to sell rather well. In light of this it needs to be awaited whether dropping the tv show will have any impact on  the visits of the Power Rangers to the various Disney theme parks such as Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and The Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris.

The New York Post points out one reason the tv show may no longer be as successful as in  the past: several local ABC stations seem to have dropped the show from their program in 2006, when the FCC ruled that it can not be counted as one of the elements to meet statutory requirements to air a certain amount of educational programming each week – which frankly I personally find rather amusing, that one could have believed in the first place.

And in case anyone wonders why the news was broken in New Zealand newspapers: the show’s production was moved to New Zealand in 2003. While the production company (Ranger Productions) is a US company, it employs local actors and staff for the production.

However, Power angers wouldn’t be the first season brought back by fan actions … so it needs to be awaited whether fans will organize anything and try to convince Disney to retain the show … afterall the fact that the characters are still popular at the theme parks and still succesfuly sell toys is also in favor of the show. In any case: have fun with the 32 episodes of the current season!

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2 Responses to “Power Rangers not that mighty anymore”

  1. david b conway Says:

    dear web site hi my is david b conway , and i have a fast massages just for walt disney i was looking at my calader and i see the month of dec. only have 4 days just off the month of decemeber and plus i see the date off the power rangers rpm episodes that you are still making new episodes and you are going to be showed just from the 4 remaning episodes just from the date of dec, 19th just to dec, 26th and plus the question how about the last 2 episodes will be showed in janurary 2010 right and then the rest of the time of janurary 2010 it will be mighty morphin power rangers right why not fininshed the rest off the power rangers rpm just in janurary 2010 and to have the mighty morphin power rangers just in feburary 2010 insteand / love b conway

  2. Tim Says:

    From what I understand, the major problem is that Disney no longer wants to adapt the sentai footage used for power rangers, most people claiming that Toei is creating sentai shows “To Japanese oriented” to successfully translate for American audiences.

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