Disney’s Secret “D23” Revealed Early

d23magD23 was a little secret project of Disney which was going to be revealed on 10 March, a little over 4 days when you check the countdown clock on the official site. Nothing much was know, but speculation took place on many blogs and forums. But the secret is out a little early as some fans where able to find out what D23 stands for. D23 start out as a magazine and will be released on March 10. The magazine will be available in shops, and that’s how people found out about what D23 is. Some shop already got the first issue, together with the issue they probably also got some information on the release date and when they are allowed to sell it. Not everybody reading this information, just putting the magazine on their shelves early, and fans lucky enough to be near one of those shops got an insight on D23 early.

D23 is a magazine that has about 62 pages, glossy thick paper, sized 12×12 and is binded by glue instead of staples. It will have a cover price of $15,95 and will be released on a quarterly basis. The title of the magazine says “Disney Twenty Three” and is embossed. Inside the magazine you’ll find articles about the world of Disney. The first issue features some of the following once;

The Disney Archives
The Anne Liebovitz photo’s article
Through Tim Burtons Looking Glass
The Suite Story – Disney Gallery & Castle Suite
On top of the World – cooking article
Finding Pixar
Sleeping Beauty Reawakens in the castle
Writing the Next Chapter- Book article
Little Mermaid on Broadway
Spirit of 23- About Walt & company history

The magazine is also the start of a new membership fan club. Members will get the magazine, special merchandise (probably the pins that where shown on the net), exclusive merchandise in the future, special events and some discounts to the D23 expo in Anaheim (9/10-9/1309)

There is no price tag on the membership itself yet, but that’s one little secret they could keep and we will have to wait for until March 10.

Via Distant Creations and stitch Kingdom (where you can find a couple of pictures from the magazine)
Picture via stitch Kingdom

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