Disneyland Shanghai – Onsite Report

Many websites, newspapers and blogs (including this one) have featured various stories about the next Magic Kingdom / Disneyland Park to be built somewhere around the world. As was revealed in January The Walt Disney Company is actually moving ahead with the plans to construct their next park in (respectively close to) Shanghai, China. This park (which had been rumored for months prior already all over the internet) is regularly referred to as “Disneyland Shanghai” on the internet, even so some sources state that the park wouldn’t be based on the Disneyland / Magic Kingdom park concept (see e.g. The Disney Blog).

The Theme Park Guy on his way to the potential location of a future Disney park close to Shanghai

The Theme Park Guy on his way to the potential location of a future Disney park close to Shanghai

However, since it was officially confirmed that Disney was actually moving ahead with the project jointly with the local government of Shanghai it got quiet on the news and rumors front – maybe because the Chinese government still needs to review and approve the project once details are ironed out between TWDC and the local government of Shanghai. Time for The Theme Park Guy!

The Theme Park Guy is describing himself as “the man with the roller coaster hat who travels around the globe, visiting, photographing and reviewing all current and upcoming theme parks“. And just a bit more than a week ago he posted photos and a short report on his website about his first visit to Disney’s Shanghai park … or to be more exact what he figured out could be the future location respectively the area it is supposed to be constructed.

Since the project still needs approval by the Chinese government there is nothing to be seen so far that would resemble construction – instead the area is still a rural landscape. However, according to The Theme Park Guy locals are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Disney. If past experience with the impact of major projects supported by Chinese authorities (such as the construction for last year’s Olympic summer games) are any indicator it needs to be awaited whether the locals will still be all eager for the project once it actually gets underway. Afterall it will forever change their rural surroundings and impact everything in their lives… Anyway, The Theme Park Guy provides a first report from the potential location of the future Disney Shanghai park in the area of the villages Qigan and Zhaohang with quite a few photos worth a look at!

Photos courtesy of The Theme Park Guy

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