Free DLRP Tickets – Really!

Want a free one day passport for the Disneyland Resort Paris?
OK, I know … this sounds like a bad ad – there must be a catch, after all Disneyland Resort Paris can not be that desperate to hand out free tickets? Well – if it is, it is trying to conceal it. The free tickets are actually given away jointly by the Resort and Air France, the official airline of DLRP and one of its long-term sponsors. Got you interested? The details follow after the break…

The offer is valid since February 1 and till June 30, 2009 and is good for the first passenger listed on each Air France travel memo whose final destination is Paris. Only the first person named / listed on a travel memo will receive a free ticket. So if a family of three would book three tickets for a flight to Paris all at once, only one of them would be eglibile for a free one day passport. However, if a family would book the ticket for each family member separately they would be issued individual travel memos and therefore all could opt for a free passport!

To obtain the free passport Air France passengers with final destination Paris must present themselves, the according travel memo, the boarding card and a proof identity (all with the same name) at the “Disney Parks entrance”. The ticket must be used on the date it is issued and can only be issued on the day of arrival in Paris or at latest the fifth day after arrival in Paris. The rules do not specify what the term “Disney Parks entrance” actually refers to – but it should be assumed to be the Guest Relations counter. Also please note that the offer only mentions a free passport for the “Disneyland Resort Paris”, but does NOT specify whether this is supposed to be a park hopper passport for both theme parks or a passport for only one park. The official rules can be found on the websites of Air France – e.g. here for Germany or here for the UK.

Sounds interesting? The promotion – which was featured amongst others in the latest Air France frequent flyer newsletter in Germany – is clearly designed to increase guest numbers at the theme parks (which set records in the past years) … and thus to maintain the sky high numbers of these years despite the financial crisis ravaging the world right now. While this certainly is good cosmetics for the company one needs to wonder whether handing out free tickets is actually helping the resort which in 2008 more frequently had to deal with huge crowds nearly overwhelming the Disneyland Park. Finding the right balance between the guest numbers necessary for financial reasons and the guest numbers as of which guest satisfaction might be negatively impacted due to lines considered to be too long by guests etc. is difficult…

However, the main question here must be: will this promotion actually attract guests to the parks which normally would not have ventured into the resort? And here it is, where I have my doubts. In my experience tourists traveling into Paris normaly already have a full schedule. Either they planned to go the Disneyland Resort Paris (then this offer will help them save money but will not bring additional new guests to the resort) or they might simply have not enough time left in their schedule to visit, even if they become aware of the offer in time. Also one needs to wonder: is one free ticket per group / family (considering that most families book thier plane tickets together and therefore will only receive one travel memo) being a high enough discount to lure someone into the park who would have considered it to be too expensive otherwise? I am really not sure…

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8 Responses to “Free DLRP Tickets – Really!”

  1. Disneyland Paris Free Ticket Offer | The Disney Blog Says:

    […] MouseKingdom has the details. […]

  2. otisney Says:

    This offer was from last year.

  3. Dirk v. Diringshofen Says:

    Hi “hotisney” – thanks for your input. As I only last week received the newsletter from Air France informing me about the offer and the official websites (as linked above) list it as a 2009-promotion, I understand your post such that you want to say that they had the same promotion last year. Interesting. I must have missed it back then…

  4. otisney Says:

    Okay. I only commented because the dates listed above were for 2008. But, now I see that they have been corrected. Thank you.

  5. Dirk v. Diringshofen Says:

    Ups – my bad … guess Andy corrected me already as I didn’t notice the error when posting the story.

  6. Andy De Maertelaere Says:

    I did ;-)

  7. Ajita Says:

    has any 1 tried this offer??
    Does any know if this free ticket is valid for Disneyland Paris park or studio or both ???

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