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lego-trademarkThe Lego Group and Disney Consumer Products announced they would start producing Lego and Lego Duplo sets based on Disney movies. They have signed a multi year agreement and will start the cooperation with sets from Toy Story, Cars and the live action movie Prince of Persia.

Lego has always been great toys, not only for children as I am sure many adults (and I do know some) collect them to. Especially Star Wars has been a favorite of many older “children”. The new range might not convince the more mature fan, but many younger once will be drawn to them. I can see Cars doing particularly well. There is always a lot of Cars toys to be found in many shops. Proofing they are still very popular, even if it isn’t the latest Disney/Pixar production. The new Lego Car set will have the same popularity for sure.

To read the full Press release follow the link: Disney and LEGO Group Announce Strategic Licensing Relationship.

Me, I only wish they would make Lego based on Disney attractions!… I would buy them all.

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