998… 999… 1000

celebrating10001000, a magical number!?… well, it is for the Mousekingdom blog as we celebrate 1000 blog entries today! It has been almost three years (it will be in February) since we started to bring you Disney news, Disney fun, Disney stories, Disney tidbits and hopefully a whole lot of Disney magic (seen from different points of view) in the last 1000 blog entries.

We would like to thank all of our readers, visitors, Disney fans and guests for coming to our pages. Without you we could not do this. So thank you for your visits and support. Also a big thank you to Disney for bringing us the magic every day. Without Disney we would also be not here. And a special thank you to all the Disney Cast Members who are the heart of the Disney parks.

We hope you will come back for many more visits to our blog to share our love for Disney. Up to the 10.000 now… so spread the word about this blog and thank you again (to everybody reading this)

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3 Responses to “998… 999… 1000”

  1. Henry Work Says:


    One small request: full text RSS feed?

  2. Sam Says:

    Well done! Keep them coming.

  3. Ben Zwaan Says:

    Well done ! Waiting for the next 1000.

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