Tram Tour rerouting at WDS

Many rumors have been floating around regarding the addition of up to three flat rides (including a small “parachute tower”) from an Italuan manufactueer beeing added to the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris. Most frequently it is rumored that the attractions will be added next to the current Toon Studios area, even so rumors are divided whetwr as an extension or a new mini-land (depending on the rumor either themed to Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles or Disney/Pixar”s Toy Story series).
Due to the release of themes brochures we now know the addition will not come (as originally rumored) in 2009 – but there is new “evidence” that it or another addition may arrive in 2010.
As had been discussed on fan boards (such as the current tram tour route might cause problems to the rumored addition of the flat rides or any other addition to the studios line-up in the area next to the Toon Studios behind the Art of Animation. But recently construction fences went up behind that limiting section of the tram tour road … and now a construction notice was errected outside the studios, next to the entrance of the perimeter road behind the Rock’n’Roller Coaster announcing the project of “rerouting” at least parts of the tram tour!

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