The VEA shuttle experience

Arriving by plane to Disneyland Resort Paris via the airport Charles de Gaule (CDG), Roissy, means guests have to choose whether to take a 10 minute ride on the TGV train to the resort or a 40-45 minute ride on the resort’s official shuttle bus operated by VEA. Timewise the comparison is easy, especially on the way back to the airport. Costwise the comparison depends on the time of the day a guest arrives as pricing for the TGV depending on rush hour varies between approximately 15 and 23 Euro, while the shuttle bus has the regular price of 17 Euro. Convenience can be a factor too, with the bus dropping guests off directly at each Disney hotel (but not Disney’s David Crockett Ranch), but the TGV arrives at the resort’s train station (Marne la Valle Chessy) which is about 50 meter from the entrance to the parks and the Disney Village, right next to the resort’s bus station, from where free shuttles operRe to all Disney hotels (again with the exception of the ranch). Sounds like a dead race…
Me personally? I am usually taking the shuttle on the trip to the resort and the TGV on the way back to the airport so to be able to stay in the parks as long as possible on the last day. Larger groups and families might also want to consider a ore-booked shuttle service offered by various companies (and also regularly advertised in the google-ads on this blog.

Why this post now? Well, I just took the shuttle into the resort fir my New Year’s trip. T this ocassion I could also witness that the tests from earlier this summer at CDG mudt havebeen successful, since VEA continues to operate the improved pick-up system at the airport. Instead of having the shuttle stop at various pick-up points at the various terminals and then having to radio in an extra bus once the first one was full, now a shuttle runs continuously to pick up the guests at the terminals and transport them to a central stop (between terminals 2E and 2F), where the shuttle to the resort is the boarded. This allows for more convenient loading of luggage and boarding due to the location and to gave extra buses already waiting. A great improvement which speeds up the process and makes it more convenient for guests!

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