Cinderella Castle Royal Suite in 2009

casltesuite2009stayThe year of a million dreams promotion might be at its end but the possibility to stay at the Cinderella Castle suite at Walt Disney World is not. You can still win a stay at the suite in 2009, although the chances might be a little slimmer (even more) as the room will only be used on a more limited basis.

The room will continue to be available for use as the prize for promotions, including some run by outside companies. For starters, the room is being offered as a prize in a sweepstakes called “Inside Your Celebration,” organized by the Internet travel portal Orbitz. (Orlando Sentinel)

One can only dream…

Picture Copyrights Disney

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  1. Madalina Says:

    I would like to know what i have to do in order to win a night at Cinderella’s castle? Pls reply.

    Thank you

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