Happy Birthday from Disney to you

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts department announced today that if you come to a national Disney park (Walt Disney World or Disneyland) on your birthday, you’ll get your day ticket for free. This is part of the new campaign “What will you celebrate?” that will kick of in 2009. While Disney already has a big chunk of the birthday cake from people like me, who love to celebrate inside a park for their birthday, they will now get even more people to visit the park.

This is one great move by the Disney company as the free Birthday boy or girl will bring in more cash then Disney would loose on giving away the ticket. The birthday person might be in for free, but who wants to celebrate alone? So there comes the rest of the family and friends!

I can already see an increase in sales on birthday cakes and special birthday gifts… And it is easy to say “I got my ticket for free, so I can buy an extra Disney gift for myself with the money I saved”. Brilliant move by Disney.

Obviously the deal will most be enjoyed by the locals who can hop over for their birthday. Most people coming from abroad, who booked a full packet deal might not get very beneficial from this celebration. During the previous Year of a Million Dreams celebration more people had a shot at winning something. It was fun looking around, hoping one of the Dream Team members would spot you and pick you to get a price. I was in Walt Disney World during the celebration, wasn’t picked, but could have been. This time I won’t be able to enjoy the birthday offer as it is impossible to book our family holiday around it. We will be at Walt Disney World 14 days before my son’s Birthday. But that doesn’t matter, we will still celebrate, buy the cake and presents on our trip…

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