Kermit and Miss Piggy Back on TV?

If rumors are correct we might not only see a new Muppets movie but a possible return on television. It has been 27 years since the original went of the air but there have always been fans keeping the Muppets from fading away.

Even after 27 years, they still are great characters that deserve to step back in the light. How I used to love the Swedish Chef, Animal and Pigs in Space.

And Kermit still got it. He proofed that on America Got Talent when duetting with the winner Terry Fator.

Via Calgary Herald.

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  1. Eightiesologist Says:

    I agree. YouTube has shown that the characters haven’t gone anywhere and in fact could come back with a more clever representation. I think a new show that goes back to a skit format could strike gold. The Muppets are beloved and deserving of a respectful comeback!

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