WDW live part 6

or “how after wednesdays burn out thursday was laid back”.

Some people call it “Orlando Commando mode”!

As for me it might apply to any of the 5 resorts I call it my “Disney rideathon”
Mode! Ie wanting to ride as many rides, or hop between parks, till my legs can’t support me anymore (and I do go to the gym daily …not only for this)!

Well after yesterdays heavy day today I decided to give myself a brake!
As I had scheduled a lunch at the tune in lounge (love the place and idea) with a friend working in TDO I decided to wake up lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (say 1045ish ;-) and go direct to Disney MGM (er; Hollywood) Studios!

Got a cappuccino
Got a fastpass for the tower of terror
Rode Toy Story Mania 5 times in 1 hour thanks to single rider! :-)
And had lunch with a friend!
Wondered around one mans dream, took in Echo lake
Rode mania another 3 times (yes…I love it and want it in Paris baaaaad…and Im starting to get the easter eggs :-)

Then it was time for leasurly stroll though downtown Disney!
Due to the fact that the Euro is so strong right now I bought a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot of stuff; and had already packed by luggage so tight on the Sydney-San Francisco flight that I had to get myself a new gym bag to pack everything in (Hong Kong and Australia filled up my luggage already to the max!)

Wonderfull boat ride from matketplace to saratoga (long story- should have been at Boardwalk- don’t ever try to change/add a day to your stay on the WDW website…it kind of CANCELLA them!).

And then straight to my beloved EPCOT for Reflections of Earth, dinner at Teppan Edo and a few rides during extra magic!


That is what Walt Disney World can also do for you by taking it easy sometimes! :-)

Tommorrow back to rideathon though (and with extra
Magic hours in Magic Kingdom)!

Ciao (reflections is starting….)

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