First of all.. what’s up with that name and titel. TRtwoN? Why not just TRON 2 or TRON II, or even TRON Level 2… Anything is better then using a number in a name or titel. It has been done so often now and to be honest… it just doesn’t work. But that my only remark on the project as I can’t wait to see a well deserved sequel to an underrated Disney masterpiece. Ok, geek boy mode is on, I admit it. I love TRON!

Visitors of the San Diego Comic convention got a real treat when they where invited to watch some TR2N footage. The footage isn’t a trailer or part of the movie. It is a small project to show that making a new movie, with the technology of today, is a good thing.

Unfortunately, for those that where not able to go to the San Diego Comic Convention, it will not be easy to get to see this footage. A real shame for the fans who will have to hope the taped footage will remain on the web somewhere for us geeks to find. John, from the always great “The Disney Blog” already pointed us out to a video of the footage. Although the quality is poor, your “TRON” heart will beat a little faster seeing the amazing bike scene that was presented on the convention.

Don’t be surprised however if that footage will be gone very soon. Disney’s legal department will, for sure, force the owner of the footage to take it down. Disney, please… not everybody is able to go to San Diego Comic Convention for several reasons. Some of us live way to far away. Don’t punish us twice (we already have to miss out on the convention) by not sharing the film with us. Please do put it online somewhere on your webs so all TRON fans from around the globe (and I am sure there are plenty) can all geek out on what looks like a fantastic future for TRON! Oh,… and please change the titel too… thank you!

Picture TRON Arcade Game via flickr.

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  1. Ed Says:

    I agree with the geekiness and the love of TRON from when it first came out. I disagree with your thoughts on the name of the new movie. TR2N is great. I saw this before knowing that there was to be a part 2 and knew exactly what it was. Another cool thing is Jeff Bridges will be a bad guy. (or so I read somewhere).

    Cool Blog!

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  3. Game Fan Says:

    Hey man keep me in the l@@p with more excellent posts like this!

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