Meet Mickey for a little more $$$

Walt Disney World ticket prices have gone up! No big news one would say as this is an annual event that can’t (seem to) be avoided. At the end of the day, Disney is a business that needs to make their shareholders happy. Even with the amazing good results the Disney company is booking, it still isn’t enough and guest are now being asked to pay a little more to see Mickey Mouse.

However, a little… an increase of 5,6 percent isn’t that small of an increase, even if that’s “only” $4 more on your day ticket. A one day pass will now set you back $75 instead of the old $71 price…

“The difference between $74, $73, $75 — there’s not that much difference. Once you reach that level, you might as well go to $75,” (Orlando Sentinel)

A child ticket has also been increased from $60 to $63

The “Magic your Way” tickets go up between 3 and 8 percent. For example; A 10 day pass will cost guests $237 (up 5,3%) and the park hopper add-on will cost you $50, a $5 increase. The water park add-on stays the same ($50)

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