More Mickey Mouse TV for Europe

Europe is a massive market so expanding a brand their could bring millions of new costumers. Disney is well aware of that and is now looking into expanding their TV market in Europe. Obviously not completely new (like I can enjoy the Disney Channel on my Sky box), there is enough new viewers that can come on board. Disney is looking at a possible growth of 100 million households within 5 years…

The UK (via sky) and Spain for example already have a pay TV channel, but it could be that Disney might expand their TV market by offering a Free channel in other countries.

Picture (first Disney Channel Logo used from 1983-1997) copyrights: Disney

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3 Responses to “More Mickey Mouse TV for Europe”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Just a small question about this message: you said you can enjoy Disney Channel on your Sky Box. Are you a resident of Belgium or the Netherlands??? This seems like a rather personal question, but for a while now I’ve tried to figure out how to enjoy DC myself, in Belgium. Unfortunately, in vain, because DC isn’t scheduled to be in Belgium soon. And there also isn’t any possibility to receive it from (for example) our ‘neighbour countries’ like England, France,… Not even when you have digital TV or by the internet (i wouldn’t mind having to pay for it). The greatest thing (besides our own DC in Belgium ;-) would be If we could ‘extract’ it from The Netherlands (so everything would be in Dutch), like with Nickelodeon or MTV.

    You don’t know, by any change, which countries/regions are qualified for the expansion of the TV market…? Or could you tell me how to enjoy the DC programms (except by illegal downloads off the internet ;-).

    (je mag gerust ook in het Nederlands antwoorden, hoor, dat is misschien nog makkelijker ;-).



  2. Andy De Maertelaere Says:


    A mail with some info should be in your mailbox… :-)

  3. Grace Says:

    I live in Netherland. Is it possible to my own have DC through sky box?

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