Visit Every Disney Park in the Whole Wide World

Most people who know me are used to my Disney rants, and those people that don’t know me get acquainted with it soon enough. Even when I go to a job interview, before the interview is over, somehow Disney “talk” is in it. One thing that comes up a lot in my Disney conversation is my love for the parks and how I want to visit all of them. Sometimes you’ll get a “really” or “sounds interesting” or even a “nice” (and my son things it would be “awesome”), but a lot of the time people look at me in disbelieve. But there are those people who not only love the idea, but have already fulfilled this dream.

Visiting every Disney theme park in the world may seem like an odd life goal for a child-free 30-something, but a wise person once said “for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none will do.” (The Salt Lake Tribute)

You can read about here visits to all park that she accomplished within 1 year on the Salt Lake Tribute website. It’s a short write up but it shows I am not alone. One little nice thing about it is that, even with Walt Disney World being here favorite, she crowns the Castle at Disneyland Resort Paris as the most beautiful one of all (again)…

The castle is easily Disney’s most beautiful (designers had to raise the bar, as Europe has a few of the real thing). (The Salt Lake Tribute

I do have some friends running around the globe who have seen most or even all the parks already too (I do seem to be a late bloomer), but I always want to hear more stories about people visiting the parks. If you feel you have a story worth telling send it to me as I am always interested. A nice story could always be added to the blog…

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  1. Greg Wright Says:

    A little while a few members of the Down Under Disneyana Club (the Australian Disney fan club) set off to visit every Disney park in one globe encompassing trip. The story is here or you can visit our website at where we have trip reports from some of the participants as well as all the pre and post trip discussion on our forum.


  2. Andy De Maertelaere Says:


    Indeed. one of those examples of a trip to all parks I followed up (reading about it with a little envy :-)
    Any plans to do this again?

  3. Danielle Says:

    It would be so exciting to visit all the Disney Parks in the world. Unfortunately I have only been able to visit Walt Disney World, although I have visited many times. I am absolutely in love with Walt Disney World but would love to visit Disneyland in California. It would be so exciting to see the park that Walt Disney himself was alive to help construct. I just recently started a Disney Blog. It would be great if you could check it out and leave a comment or comments. Its always great to hear feedback from fellow disney fans =)

  4. Tere Tomlinson Says:

    My mom and I just finished visiting all the parks around the world this year–aside from Shanghai which isn’t open yet–and have loved all of them. It’s really interesting to see each culture’s “take” on Disney and how the experience and merchandise varies from park to park. We’ve had the same head shakes and puzzled looks when we tell people where we’re going or what we’ve done. But it doesn’t matter. We’ve also had people tell us we’ll hate this park or that one, but we don’t. Sure some are bigger, some are better and some have different versions of a beloved attraction, but all are Disney at heart, and I recommend them all. Keep Calm and Mouse On!

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