Jack Sparrow’s Life at Disneyland

As Disney fans we only (mostly) see the magic, as Disney Geeks we want to know how everything works, As a Disney employee you can get the real story. Those stories can make some interesting articles with some nice stuff, weird surprises and (unfortunately) sometimes bad stories too. One of those stories was pointed out to us by an associate editor of Lamag.com.

If you’re a Disney (Theme Park) fan and love anything Pirates, especially Jack Sparrow, you wil have fun reading the article. Some guest might even recognize themselves (and to the girls and woman out there, if you do, that isn’t a good thing this time :-) )…

I was an annual pass holder, though not like the freaky ones you may have heard of. (Lamag.com)

Are you talking about me and my Disney friends?

Serious now. The article is filled with information on how to get the job…

Thirty-seven actors showed up that day, four of us in costume. Only eight were chosen for the next round. We were told we would be auditioning the next day at Disneyland. (LLamag.com)

What could happen on the job…

Disney warned us we were going to have a lot of horny women coming on to us. (Lamag.com)

… and how woman DO react while playing Jack Sparrow. I will not quot it here, you can check out the article, but I guess he collected a lot of phone numbers.

The actor also talks about the Disney rules, the point system they use, meeting his princess and getting fires from the job. At the end, even getting fired, he still loves Disney, but with no Disney rules he needs to follow is now able to share his story with us. Now hop over to Lamag.com to read the whole article (but promise to come back here afterwards)

Picture Copyrights Mark Hanauer

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2 Responses to “Jack Sparrow’s Life at Disneyland”

  1. Richard McDuff Says:

    It is interesting how attractive women find Jack Sparrow the pirate. I think I will be running around with my pirate outfit on. I will have to work on my Johnny Depp impressions

  2. Keith Jones Says:

    Pirate always were attractive to women .. one of my ancestors was a privateer (Henry Morgan)
    I think they like the buccaneer image and being swept off their feet !

    Great Blog – I wish I had been to Disney Japan – maybe one day !


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