Another great Disneyland Resort Paris with lots of magic has come to its end (it always to early to go home, whatever Disney park you are visiting at the moment). My good friend Andrea invited my to accompany him and I could not say no to that. 2 Disney nuts at Disney equals a lot of fun.

Being off season, queue lines where short so we where able to get those rides done we wanted like Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean and Small world (without sound, but with Andrea singing the song instead having some of our fellow passengers clap with him). Also a nice dinner at the Californian Grill and lunch at the Blue Lagoon was great. A visit to some of my favorite spots (the dragon’s layer, the little hidden spot behind the shooting galery) made it all magical again.

Another highlight was our joint battle on Buzz Lightyear. I wanted to battle Andrea and beat him as I know he was good. But we got the same amount of point. The full 999.999 top score. The picture above proofs our result, but unfortunately we could not buy the official pictures as the score didn’t come up on them (it came up blanc as they had some problems with the system).

Another great Disneyland Resort Paris visit I enjoyed a lot. Can’t wait to go again.

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One Response to “999.999”

  1. Andrea Says:

    …great trip
    my brain, my heart and my Disney geek love all needed it!

    About those 999.999 points…the force is strong in these 2 Disney nuts my youn Padowan!


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