Disney Television Animation: who gets picked up?

It is that time of the year again – no, not awards, even so I had one of those posted about for Brad Bird. I am talking about the time the stations decide which shows will be allowed to return for another season. According to the TAG Blog decisions for two of Disney’s animated shows have just been made:

“The Replacements” (on the Disney Channel in the US, on Toon Disney in Germany) will not get a third season but will end after 52 episodes. In the meainte “Phineas and Ferb” got picked up again and an order for 26 and 13 episodes seems to have been placed. “Phineas and Ferb” in the recent months managed to garner fans on the Disney Channel in various age groups and is currently also introduced to the European market. E.g. guests visiting the all new “Stitch Live!” attraction at the Walt Disney Studios Paris at Disneyland Resort Paris are introduced to the show during the pre-show.

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