Disneyland Resort Paris Stop Over

spacem-clickmagique1.jpgAs you might guess, seeing this entry, we are back from our holiday, including the Disneyland Resort Paris stop over. It was an evening and a full day, but enough for some extra magic before a relaxing sea side holiday. As we arrived late we didn’t do any rides but just enjoyed ourselves in the shops. Didn’t really buy a lot this time; just 1 limited pin for me and 1 limited pin for my son. I guess I never spend so little on Disney stuff as I did on this trip. But I didn’t see a lot of new stuff.

The second day was a lot of fun. First of all early to the studios to ride Crush. My son loved the new coaster while my wife screamed for most of the ride. After leaving the ride she said she would never ride it again…. Cars was next, and here my son said he would not ride it again but for whole other reasons. I think Cars is a nice ride, but I guess my son is at the age that it has to be thrill rides.

The rest of the day it was me and my son (the misses going for some shopping). Time to see if Space Mountain was going to be possible. Checking his height… and yes. He was allowed on it.

This was going to be the highlight of the day; his first Space Mountain trip and he… LOVED it. So much that I needed to get more tickets to ride it again. However it broke down so we had to wait and return later for that second ride. It is his new favorite ride!

Of course we did some other stuff like Star Tours and Buzz (just making under 500000 points on this trip)

We met up with my wife and some friends to go and eat in the California Grill. Great meal, but the lam was a little overpriced for what you got. 2 stripes of lam didn’t fill me up and for that the price was way too high.

To finish the evening my son and me returned to see Fantillusion and Wishes. The stops of the parade where different, only 2 in total. A shame as this parade disserves to be seen with the stops and to many guest miss out on the awesome appearance of the dragon.

Wishes was great! Although I am not a big fan of wishes I somehow got caught in my emotions watching it together with my son. We had a great place in front of the castle. He loved it, I loved it, and it was a perfect closure to a perfect day.

Picture: SpaceMountain5

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  1. Studio 1 Says:

    I am glad you had a good time but less is more in respect of fine dinning restaurants that’s always been the way whenever i have spent over £25 on a meal if you wanted your plate overflowing go to Cafe Mickey or Annettes in Disney village.

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