Disney’s Hollywood Studios


As from January Disney’s MGM Studios will have a new name; “Disney’s Hollywood Studios”. The name might come to a surprise to some as a PIXAR related name has been circulating the rumor mill as well. Although personally I am happy it isn’t named PIXAR Studios, I am not so sure if I like Hollywood studios either. It’s not that I don’t like PIXAR or have problems with Hollywood, it’s just not appealing to me.

I am happy PIXAR is off the table because this name would give the park limited possibilities. If the park would be named PIXAR, it would have to turn into a full PIXAR park too. Although PIXAR additions are the thing when it comes to Disney updates, not using that name will give a lot more possibilities for the future. Who knows what other company, brand or idea might float Disney’s way in the near future.

Adding Hollywood in the name might be better then PIXAR again, and remember this is a personal view, I am not really thrilled about it. No, I don’t have a problem with Hollywood, but personally I think there is already a Hollywood, why add another one on the other side of the US.

Disneyland Resort Paris has the Walt Disney Studios and that is a name that is far more interesting to a Disney park related to movies, at least it is for me. I wonder why they didn’t pick the same name for the US park.

Well,… I guess now I can say to people when they ask where I am going that they can find me in Hollywood. I might not get the “again” from the people around me like when I would say “I am going to Disney”

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3 Responses to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Studio 1 Says:

    What a mouthfull to say Disney Hollywood Studios rather than a number of other options.

  2. Kees Says:

    Disney Studios would have sufficed! Ah well, we wil get used to it.

  3. Simon Veness Says:

    The ‘Hollywood’ name is just plain dumb, it seems to me. The Studios are neither in Hollywood nor is the film world centred on that small area of Los Angeles any more (even if it ever was). It is a cumbersome, inappropriate name that will make people wonder if they are supposed to BE in Hollywood or if Disney is based in Hollywood (when their home is actually in Burbank, LA). It just doesn’t make sense, especially when the one obvious name is the Walt Disney Studios, just as they have at DLP. What could be simpler and more appropriate? Unless they re-theme much of the Studios (Streets of America, Mickey Avenue, Commissary Lane, Animation Courtyard, etc), it seems to completely miss the mark of the park’s essence. It is not even as if it is a film-based theme any more (not with Playhouse Disney, Rock n RollerCoaster, Sounds Dangerous, Block Party Bash, etc). What are they thinking??

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