Walt Disney World October 2007 Itinerary (part 1)

castlemk1.jpgCountdown can begin, the trip is coming closer and plans can be made. Although I am not a big fan of full itineraries, when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World some things need to be planned in advance. Obviously you need a hotel for the (short) nights and little rest that doesn’t really fit in my planning when it comes to going to a Disney park. A Walt Disney World trip isn’t a regular reoccurring thing, so I don’t want to waste my limited time on sleeping.

With my Disney Vacation Club points a stay at Old Key West was a no brain-er, but as I don’t have enough points (yet) an extra 4 nights at the Disney Wilderness Lodge was added. I am really looking forwards to explore both these Disney resorts. I also am a little envy; Dirk, who will be visiting WDW with me, is staying an extra couple of days in this resort. I already wish I could extend my stay too…

With the Dining Plan added to our trip, dining needed to be planned. Again, I am not a big fan of planning my dining experiences so far in advance, I would rather pick something on the day, but with so many people on the dining plan reservations are a must. So, together with Dirk, we planned some dinners. We will be going to eat at Flying Fish Cafe, Californian Grill (during Wishes), Rose and Crown (During Illuminations of course) and Boma. These are only four meals so far, more will be booked in the very near future. I also hope to visit the Teppanyaki Dining Room on this visit, as for some reason I never get to eat there on my previous holidays.

mnsshp-hm1.jpgOther plans that are on the Itinerary is the first full day. I always say to everybody; “When you go to Walt Disney World, you have to visit the Magic Kingdom first”. Guess what! For some reason I always end up in Epcot first. Epcot is my favorite place, but still I hope to keep my own word and be at the Kingdom first this time. Whatever happens I will close my holiday at the kingdom during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We are visiting on 31st October, this being the 4th time for me that I’ll be there on Halloween night itself. Just like the other times I am really looking forwards to this.

Clearly we will visit the 4 main gates, but I can’t go to WDW without visiting Typhoon Lagoon. I love this waterpark. Also Blizzard Beach will get a visit.

As most of you know I am a big Disney fanatic, but still there are other things to explore when visiting Walt Disney World. I admit, I will keep those off property visit limited, but I can’t go to Orlando without a visit to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I love the HHN event, I really dig the Haunted Houses. Also a visit to Bush Gardens will be added to this trip as I need some new Roller Coaster credits. However, for me, that’s about it for non Disney events. The rest of the time I will not leave the Disney property at all. Although Kraken is my favorite Coaster at the time, a visit to Seaworld will be postponed until next year when I will take my son to Discovery Cove.

I named this little rant part 1 as not all plans are finalized and I am sure all of you want to know more about this upcoming trip. Don’t you? Hello, anybody still there? :-)

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7 Responses to “Walt Disney World October 2007 Itinerary (part 1)”

  1. modj Says:

    is in thailand any disney land , i want go there and i have baby who loves mcqueen,mater and … ?
    thank alot

  2. modj Says:

    is in thailand any disney land , i want go there and i have baby
    who loves mcqueen,mater and … ?
    thanks alot

  3. Michael Jansen Says:

    I’m still here and I must say I’m a bit jealous ;-)
    Can’t I come and carry your luggages ;-)

  4. Boozie McLiverfailure Says:

    Love the 4 main gates

  5. Simon Veness Says:

    Sounds like you’re well on track, Andy! A visit to BG for SheiKra is certainly a must, as is HHN at that time of year. And don’t forget a visit with us at some stage!!!

  6. modj Says:

    would you please make a business of disney here in Iran ?every body how khows cartoons loves disney accesories and all thinga about disney (i am in love with disney in 32 year old!!!? :))
    thanks and please again

  7. modj Says:

    sorry why i am blocked ????????

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