Year of a Million Dreams Extended

yearextended1.jpgAlthough no information on extra prizes, the Year of a Million Dreams has been extended to Dec. 31st, 2008. So that will be more then 2 years of a million Dreams. (Or is it 2 Years and 2 million dreams). Good for me, as with my visit in October I’ll now have a chance to get a dream too. Not that I’m counting on it, but one can dream…

Annual Passport holders have an extra chance to win a stay in the castle at the Magic Kingdom. More information on this can be found on the AP website.

Picture copyrights: Disney

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One Response to “Year of a Million Dreams Extended”

  1. Simon Veness Says:

    Ok, Andy makes a good point here. It can no longer be Year Of A Million Dreams, so what the heck DO we call it? Year Of Two Million Dreams; Two Years Of A Million Dreams: Two Years of Two Million Dreams; Two Years Of An Awful Lot Of Dreams???? Are they pulling our leg????? Are they really so short of ideas that they now just extend one idea until people get bored with it?

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