Park Revenue UP! Ticket Prices UP too!

ticketwdw1.jpgA couple of days ago Disney released some healthy revenue numbers, especially the parks are doing good and bringing in a lot of money for the company. Now, only a couple of days later, Disney announces a ticket price increase for their Walt Disney World parks. To give an example; a one day / one park / No Hopper ticket will go up from $67 to $71, a $4 increase, or about 6%.

That’s a sour apple to bite in, especially when you first get the news how well the company is doing and only days later they’ll let you know they want to make even more money. Don’t get me wrong, Disney is a company, making money is a priority, I do understand that (and it keeps the shareholders happy), but a 6% add on, isn’t that a little over the top. Especially when you just showed these amazing profits…

Disney’s increase came just two days after Walt Disney Co. announced a $1.1 billion corporate profit and another good quarter at the company’s theme parks, where profit margins were exceeding 20 percent. (Orlando Sentinel)

I am sure it will not stop the visitors from coming to the parks, the way it looks at this moment I would even predict even more people going to the parks in the near future (even more money for the mouse). Well, the extra $4 will not keep me away…

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4 Responses to “Park Revenue UP! Ticket Prices UP too!”

  1. caroline Says:

    still worth every single dollar, just take a trip to Alton Towers uk for the day, similar price but a total disgusting rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. caroline Says:

    the day the uk knows the word organisation is the day Disney will not be making money.

  3. Simon Veness Says:

    If it was only the basic gate price going up, it wouldn’t be so bad for families, but we have noticed all the prices within the parks going up too, by an average of 8-10%. Multiply that by a 6-day WDW visit and the average family will be forced to spend anywhere from $100-$150 extra for that visit. There will certainly come a time when that 6-day visit becomes 4; or when that family goes somewhere else altogether. This sequence of thoughtless price rises (they managed two last year, making it an increase of almost $25 in the past 20 months) has to slow down soon or, good value or not, people will just not keep paying these prices.

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