The Pirates of the Caribbean Pocket Model Game

piratesgamewizkids.jpgToday WizKids announces that they signed a deal with Disney to create a “Pirates of the Caribbean” PocketModel Game. I love the games of Wizkids and have been playing their Marvel HeroClix, DC Heroclix and HorrorClix games since the beginning. (For those knowing the game; I own both the Galactus and the Phoenix figures.)

The also created the game Pirates; a game where players can battle it out using construct 3-D pirate ships from pieces punched out of a styrene card. (WizKids) This however is a game I haven’t played yet, although it did look intriguing.

WizKids and Disney will now add on to the game by creating a Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean version.

“We are extremely excited to up the ante on the already successful PocketModel platform by adding Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the world’s most successful entertainment brands,” said Lax Chandra, WizKids president. “For under $4, players will get the full Pirates of the Caribbean experience through building the models like the Black Pearl and playing the characters like Captain Jack Sparrow.” (WizKids)

If you want to be kept informed on the game, the game play and on the artwork you should add they WizKids site to your favorites. In the past they always showed some nice pre-release artwork of their games.

And for those interested they also have a Star Wars PocketModel game.

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