Big Plans and Big Money equals Real Disney Quality!

dca-future1.jpgDisney Californian Adventure has had a lot of heat from the fans, the media and from the pro’s. Disney has been updating the park and has been looking at options to improve it but now it seems that DCA is ready for a big change… a very big change, a One Billion dollars change! (give or take a couple of dollars).

The change is part of a bigger plan to enhance Disney Theme parks where a total of 1,5 billion will also improve other gates, will give Disneyland Hotel a face-lift and will bring Disney Vacation Club to Anaheim.

While no news has been spilled on what to expect exactly some rumors do appear on several pages around the web. Especially the Blue Sky Disney blog is sharing some great information.

The Board approved a budget for the expansion/makeover of Disney’s California Adventure. Let’s just say it’s a great deal of money and the figures my sources gave me are close to what Al mentions. Let’s be clear that this is far more than what would have been approved under old management. More than it had when it was originally built and greatly more than Eisner would have ever given an underling like Pressler to play with. This will definitely be a “Bob Weiss” park. Two of Bob’s most famous creations were never built… Disney’s America and Disney-MGM Studios Paris… both plans crash and burned in the mid 90’s. The end of this decade will find the park across the Esplanade a worthy sister park. A park that from what I’ve heard will rival the best parks WDI has designed (yes, even Tokyo DisneySea some say). (Blue Sky Disney)

Sounds very promising, doesn’t it. While Disney has always been a brand connected to quality, many fans pointed the finger at Disney accusing them of trading quality for bigger $$$ when they created DCA. While every company needs to make their $$$, it should not be done by loosing some of its former shine. Trying to make a quick buck but not giving the people what they have been used too get for so many years will not work. With the Disney Quality missing so did the $$$ turn over. Current Disney management has seen this, understands it and is now prepared to fix these mistakes. I could already see this at Disneyland Resort Paris with the Toon Studios addition; a step in the right direction. And now DCA will get some attention too. I am pretty sure current Disney Management will get lots of credit for this.

Part of the big changes might get to see some more Lucasfilm being added to the resort. A new Star Tours 2.0 has been rumored for a while and some say that the actors already taped the voices needed for the new version. With the success of the Star Wars weekends an all year round event like feature has been rumored for a while too; A Jedi training camp. Although this is not stated in the article, I am just putting this rumor in that spot for the moment

But that will not be all. Indiana Jones is back on the big screen, but so will he in the parks.

There will be some exciting news come Memorial Day 2008 when we have a new Indiana Jones film to work into the park activities. There is good news for Disneyland and WDW as well (Blue Sky Disney)

And there is more…

Tony Baxter does have quite a few plans for the park and just because DCA will be getting the lion’s share of the money, doesn’t mean he’s going to just set around and let the original lose any of it’s focus. There’s a lot of momentum for one of several proposals of a new advanced People Mover that we could see completed near the end of the decade. (Blue Sky Disney)

I do have a weakness for the people mover version (Transit Authority) in Walt Disney World. I love sitting on the ride and enjoy the views. I’ll be closely following up that rumor/news.

More news is to be expected in the near future so make sure to visit us a lot (hint, hint, thank you, thank you) for all the coming Disney Surprises we might hear of and share here on the blog.

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3 Responses to “Big Plans and Big Money equals Real Disney Quality!”

  1. Honor Hunter Says:

    Thanks for quoting me Andy…

    In a way, your website is responsible for mine’s name. I originally chose “” but shortly after starting it noticed yours and didn’t want to be accused of trying to steal yours… so I came up with Blue Sky Disney and moved everything over to there. Hehe…

    So thanks, I guess.

    Keep up the good postings… hopefully, I’ll have some more exciting news near the end of the month. Have a great weekend!

  2. Simon Veness Says:

    This would certainly be a big shot in the arm to Disneyland Anaheim, especially as it builds on what they are currently doing to improve DCA (Monsters Inc ride, Toy Story Mania, etc). I can’t imagine it would be a big threat to WDW in terms of numbers, but it might lead to a short-term drop in the rate of WDW’s attendance (which is all strongly upward at the moment). I am still of the opinion that Disney got DCA about half right and it is still a worthwhile park – things like Soarin, California Screamin’ and the Aladdin show are all top quality, while the dining is terrific, too. But it was WAY too uneven to appeal to the majority, hence its continued struggles. Even if Disney spend only half the figure quoted here, it should amount to a major increase in profile for the park.

  3. John Frost Says:

    Thanks for the link and the continuing great coverage from the MouseKingdom blog.


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