13 Years of Terror

13yearstowerofterror.jpgDo you celebrate a 13th when it comes on a Friday? Or are you more the kind that avoids anything related to 13 (or black cats, or walking under a ladder, etc).

At Disney they aren’t that superstition as they pick this day to celebrate the 13th anniversary for the Twilightzone Tower of Terror. The actual opening day was on 22 July 1994 but what better day then the 13th to celebrate.

If you’re a fan of the Tower check out some great pictures on Orlando Sentinel; you’ll get a good view of what those riding the attraction get to see from the top. (That is if they aren’t too scared to open their eyes).

Pictures are taken from a backstage area 13 floors up, one of them from right behind one of the big “O’s” (reporters are so lucky, we fan can only dream of such an invite)

Well, happy early 13th birthday to the Tower of Terror! I’ll be celebrating a little later when I’ll be there in October.

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