Transformers vs. Pirates

taiwanesetransformerposter.jpgThe Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End did a great job at the box office but there is a movie out there trying to do it better and is looking at breaking the record. Pirates III did about $114 million in its opening weekend, but with a count on 3 ½ days and a $100 million counts the battle is on; Transformers looks like it will get into a fight with the pirates to do better, but will they succeed?

While I did love the Pirates III movie and gave it a great review, I never thought I would be doing the same for Transformers. I thought we would get another big budget movie where the effects are everything and the story and acting will be secondary, I was well surprised when I left the cinema. Sure, both pirates and Transformers is filled with the big budget special effect used in so many movies that try to make the big bucks with the cinema goers, but while Pirates proofed character development and story can be part of such a movie, I never thought I would see this in the Transformers movie.

treasureplanetben1.jpgDisney gave us likable pirates, and now Dreamworks gives us Autobots that transfer actual characteristic, feelings and humanity. While the action might be big on this, the character development and story telling around the autobots is awesome. Sure, it’s not the first time we see robots that perform with a human touch; just look at Disney’s Treasure Planet and the character BEN. While this movie never really made it big in the box office lists it easily makes it into my Disney top 10 (maybe even top 5). But then again, Disney animators are masters in giving those characters that little special so we come to love them. Just look at Remy, a rat.

remyrat1.jpgWho likes rats? Not too many people, but I guess that has changed now with Ratatouille. But I never expected Dreamworks to do the same with Transformers. Could it be that these characters are bringing in the green, making Transformers battle the Pirates to break some records for this year? I would not be surprised, how about you?

Picture copyrights Transformers; Dreamworks
Picture copyrights Treasure Planet and Ratatouille; Disney

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