Munching on Loot

Weetabix Cereals 2… or: “Pirates take over – Part II: battlefield breakfast table”. I admit that I followed the numerous reports and discussions about the sweetened breakfast cereals that Kellog’s offered adorned with Disney brands and characters in the US amusing. But then I opened the flyer of the local supermarket last night to scan the offers for the coming week and saw it: TWO Disney branded cereals from a company called Weetabix, here in Germany (and as I learned online also available in the UK)!!

Weetabix Cereals 1One cereal is called Disney Princess Stars and the other Disney Looters! I couldn’t believe my eyes and went straight online to check for more information … where I learned that there is even a third cereal available: Star Force! But as Disney recently is promoting an at least slightly more healthy food assortment the cereals are “multigrain cereals […] free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours, contain added prebiotic to help boost friendly bacteria and contain less than seven percent of a child’s recommended daily allowance of sugar. They are also high in fibre, low in saturated fat and fortified with vitamins and iron.” Now that makes me feel better.

But back to the really interesting info: “Disney Princess Stars” are star shaped cereals with strawberry flavour featuring Belle, Ariel and Cinderella on the packing. “Star Force” are caramel flavoured and feature Power Ranger characters on the packing, while the “Disney Looters” are rings with scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies featured on the packaging. Fans ordering at least two packages through Weetabix’ official german online-shop will even get a free DIN-A-1 poster for PotC III – At World’s End.

Now the only question remaining is: how do these cereals taste? Anyone tried them already??

[photo copyright: WEETABIX]

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