Pirates of the Caribbean; At Worlds End: Review

swannsparrow.jpgI have just returned from my local movie complex where today was the first screening of “The Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End” movie.

While I don’t want to give away anything for those still having to see the movie here is my review of the movie without (to many) spoilers that would give away the main story…

Darker; The third part in this trilogy is a lot darker then the first one. While the first two movies put our pirates and friends in fun situations, the darker settings and story is enlightened with witty and catchy jokes. They turn the style around, but it really works well.

Fantasy; While we can’t call the first two movies using actual historical facts, the third installment had even more fantasy added to it. The place where Jack Sparrow is staying during is absence is a weird place, not even fitting in the Pirates world, but none the less fun to see it added. Without giving away too much, fantasy is a big part of this movie with the Tia Dalma story (you’ll see what I mean once watching the movie) and the awesome end battle that will blow you away.

Character Development; There is some really big change on the characters and who is in the spotlight. While Johnny “Captain Jack Sparrow” Depp carried the first two movies with the other characters supporting him, this third movies is about many of the other characters supported by the presence of Captain Jack Sparrow. Especially Keira Knightley ( Elizabeth Swann); who is playing a mighty big part in the third story. Not only is she the main character of the story, she is also playing it very well and showing how she has grown from the little girl in part one into a powerful force among the pirates. Also Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa) and Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) are key members of this movie. They have a lot of screen time and are really part of the big and main story. Another big part goes to Naomie Harris who plays Tia Dalma, not only is she somehow telling the story, keeping it together, giving some key information, some of the viewers might be surprised what is in store for her during this adventure. I liked her character in the second movie, but never thought to see it developed in such a way for this movie.

Captain Jack Sparrow; As you can see in my little rant before I already mentioned that the other character are telling the main story while Jack is supporting them. He is also the least changed character. No, this is not a bad thing, it is a good thing and is in fact a big plus in the story telling we get to see. Jack Sparrow is being himself and it works! Johnny Depp truly mastered this character and we can only hope to see more of this in the future.

Chow Yun Fat; Being my favorite character I had to give him a little spot in this review. This man is such an awesome actor, he could be placed in an empty white room, using no words, and still would he succeed in having an audience sit on the edge of their seat. He played Captain Sao Feng very well, strong and convincing. The only negative here (as the fan I am) is that he isn’t on screen that much. (I’ll still get the action figure)

The Movie; It is becoming a trend that second and third part are better than their first movie. While Part one was great, two even better, three is outdoing that one again. I remember the time where a second part was not that good at all, just a way to earn a quick buck. But “Pirates” shows it can be done otherwise (Not something I can say of Spider-Man III, but that is another story). The story was great, the characters strong, the special effect top notch! Let’s hope there will be a second trilogy… it disserves to get one.

However; I did got to sit next to somebody who didn’t get the story and asked others in his party if they got it. A lot happens on the screen and it is very important you know what happened in the previous movies to be able to follow everything that is being told. So for those that haven’t seen the previous once make sure to see them first before visiting your local movie theater, for all the others… enjoy

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3 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean; At Worlds End: Review”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi there

    Like many I left scorched carpet in my rush to see this film and I have to say I was more than a little disappointed. There were alot of twist and turns that were a little pointless in the end and they seemed to reduce the once rich character of Jack to a caricature of the original. The ending seemed to be left open enough for a 4th movie. Fine if that is the plan but by all accounts this is not likely.

    Perhaps my expectations were too high as I really love the previous films and rides even more. Perhaps I need to watch it again as I’m sure I will when it comes out on DVD.

    Still I will get to ride the Paris masterpiece next weekend and there are reports that it is getting the Captain Jack treatment.

    Just out of interestest which is your favorite version of the ride?

    Thanks for the great blog!

  2. Simon Veness Says:

    I’m going to have to disagree here and say this was the least impressive of the three. For me, the first one is still the best, as it introduced the characters so well and kept things (relatively) simple and small-scale. As the storyline has got bigger, it has become too complicated and bloated; this film is too long by at least 30 minutes and there are SO many twists and turns and convolutions to the plot it makes you dizzy! It is still great entertainment and hugely impressive from the visual point of view, but I think the film-makers lost the original idea in the desire to be bigger and better. To my mind, bigger is not necessarily better, and part 3 really falls into that trap. Worth watching again on DVD, but I won’t be going back to the cinema to see this again (as I did with part 1).

    As for which Pirates ride is the best, both Paris and Anaheim probably have the better versions; longer, more involved and a more coherent telling of the ‘story,’ IMHO

  3. Keira Says:

    i missed the first movie , could some one fill me in ?
    i heard Elizabeth gets captured but what else ?

    GREAT MOVIE , GO SEE IT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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