Star Wars Characters Arriving at Orlando Airport

starwarsorlandoairpotposterboba1.jpgFlying into Orlando airport visitors will not miss the awesome posters inviting them to come and visit the Star Wars Weekends between 1 June and 24 June at the Disney-MGM studios in Walt Disney World. You’ll get to see pictures from Yoda lifting baggage, Darth Vader taking of his shoes, Darth Maul helping airplanes to land using Lightsabers, Tie Fighters docked at the gates and my favorite; Boba Fett bringing in Han Solo in Carbonite. I wonder if he had to pay more for the extra weight…

The Ewoks might not be so happy when visiting Walt Disney World. They might not be tall enough for some of the rides as shown on the last poster in this collection.

donaldstarwarsfigure.jpgTo see the full collection visit Also click on the link on the same page to see some awesome Star Wars Weekend Collectibles. You’ll get a good look of the special figures, the pins, bags, hats and more. I love the oversized Star Wars figures of Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Donald but unfortunately it will be very hard to get one of those. They’ll be offered during the Star Wars weekends and, even being a little costly, will be sold out in no time as there are only 600 made of each one.

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