Disneyland Resort Paris 15th Anniversary Celebration trip report: Merchandise

merch15collection.jpgDisneyland Resort Paris celebrates 15 years of magic and I had high hopes for some good collectibles. On my last trip, after I left the parks, I was a little unhappy about the missing merchandise. I was willing to part with some of my money, but there was really nothing new that catch my eye. Lucky enough (although my bank account might have other views on that) this time around I wasn’t disappointed!

Special 15 anniversary merchandise everywhere; and some of it was really great. Not only could I find enough to bring home, I even had to pass on some things for next time.

Some of my favorite purchases are the oversized anniversary pin. This one looks great (and was sold out within hours). I was happy I could get one. Also some great mugs, I love Disney mugs. I have so many mugs, don’t really need them anymore but they where so nice I had to add them to the collection.

The other great item was the special celebration CD. Although most of it has been released before, some new music and the CD itself was worth it.

It was real fun to see all the great stuff. It was also great to see that some stuff was to be found in one store and other stuff could be discovered in the next one. I hope this is not a one of as lately you only had to go to one shop to see all the different stuff. (A big different from Walt Disney World with their special themed collectables related to rides that can be found at certain locations only)

As you can see, I was a happy collector with some great new Disneyland Resort Paris stuff. I also know there is more out there for my next trip. I can’t wait.

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