Pirates Soundtrack – First Listen

As Andy seems to have started his personal countdown to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End there is another first to report: the first listen to the score by Hans Zimmer for the third movie in the series. Once again Soundtrack.net scored this exclusive (just as last year) and provides us with a track by track description of the soundtrack-CD to be released on May 22nd in the US and around the same date also internationally (in Germany it will be on May 25th). What makes this so exclusive is the fact that there are excerpts available on the tracks to listen to as well!!

With 13 tracks directly from the movie (so no remixes, suites or techno-cover versions to skip here) the soundtrack-CD will clock in at a strong 56 minutes and promises (based on the report by Soundtrack.net and the short excerpts) a great listening experiences continuing the styles of the first two movies while at the same time introducing strong new themes … so check it out for yourself!

P.S.: if you want to help us pay the bills for this blog (as well as DLP.info and Clickmagique) why not pre-order the soundtrack-CD already on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk or amazon.de through these links?

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