Disney Vacation Club at Contemporary Resort; Yes or No?

Rumors are, well rumors, until somebody makes an official announcement. One of those rumors Disney fans and especially Disney Vacation Club owners, are waiting for to be announced as real is the DVC wing at the Contemporary Resort. However, People close to the DVC project have dropped a little secret into somebody’s lap by mentioning that this is not the case. The preparation at the Contemporary is not DVC related.

akl-dvc1.jpgThe Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas are the only DVC expansion that is taking place right now. The next DVC location might not even be at Walt Disney World, but might well be beyond the borders of USA. Want to know more about this rumor about “no Contemporary DVC” versus the rumor about the “yes Contemporary DVC” listen to WDW radio podcast and special guest Shontell Crawford, former Cast Member and owner of DVCbyResale.com for more.

What will it be; Contemporary DVC, yes or no? And if you know more, why don’t you let us know here :-)

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5 Responses to “Disney Vacation Club at Contemporary Resort; Yes or No?”

  1. kitty Says:

    They are putting in a people mover form the Contemporary to the MK.

  2. Bob Joline Says:

    The permits filed at the below referanced Web site clearly state this is a Disney Vacation Club expansion. It has a nice preliminary drawing of the planned 16 story building and pool area


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  4. Disney Ride Videos Says:

    We just got back from visiting the Disney Vacation Club store at Woodfield (Schaumburg, IL) where they replicate the rooms being built at the Contemporary. WOW! These are incredible – their best yet. I think it will be awhile before you can get into this location without having a it as your “home” resort. Sure is a reason to buy more.

  5. Edmund Schenke Says:

    Jeff Jarosz – I don’t know what this address has to do with telephones in NJ, but yes, you can call me.

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