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club33.jpgWhile I promised myself I’ll visit every Disney Park in the world, some parts of the park I might never get to see. One of these parts I’ll have to miss out on is Club 33 in Anaheim’s Disneyland. So I can well understand the excitement from the reporter who got invited to tour the club, even if it s in the morning, no food would be served to her and no family members could join…

We had to enter before opening hours, I couldn’t dine at the club — it’s for members only — and my family was not invited. Amnesia quickly set in. Family, what family?

And the excitement kept on, even before entering the club…

…we moved to a side entrance, marked “Cast Members.” Already I felt like a big shot. An announcement rang in my head. “Journalist Jennifer Huffman is now going backstage at Disneyland,” it sang out. Woo, hoo! This journalism thing is great! Giddily, I got out my notebook.

Of course, the visit to the club being the highlight. There she could enjoy the sights and stories about this well known, but hard to enter club.

Club 33 was created by Walt Disney in 1967 as a private retreat for guest dignitaries and other VIPs, said Bracco. Named after its “address” in New Orleans Square, only 480 corporate and individual members belong, paying between $9,500 to $25,000 to join, plus $3,175 to $5,925 in annual dues. A simple letter to Disneyland requesting a Club 33 application is all it takes to apply, said Bracco. But be prepared to wait seven to 10 years for your chance to join. More than 1,600 people await their turn. And while members get into the park for free, there’s no free lunch — they still have to pay for their meal.

At the end of the tour she even got to buy some special Club 33 items to take home and was given a little present too that, again, was part of the excitement she was feeling during the visit.

“For you,” he said solicitously. An official Club 33 pen! Could this day get any better?

Yes, I would be excited too, but I guess the doors will not open for me… unless, somebody out there would invite me in, anybody?… … One can only try!… :-)

To read the full story visit Nappa Valley Register (Via the Disney Blog)

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