WDW Radio Podcast

wdwradiologo.jpgWhen the Mousetunes podcast disappeared I was a little sad. Lou Mongello and Nathan M. Rose did a great job and they sure made my Monday’s at work more bearable. Luckily enough there was no need to be sad to long as both would start new projects. One of the new projects from Lou is WDW Radio podcast, a podcast with news, info and fun facts about Walt Disney World.

This podcast continues what we expected from Mousetunes, with some changes of course. While the team of Lou and Nathan did made me laugh (sometimes out loud having some colleagues turn their heads to me to see what was going on), Lou has to carry the new show on its own now.

Well, he has now added his fourth show already and proofs that he can do this on his own. Although I must add to it that he does get a lot of help with some great segments from guests like “Voices behind the Magic” from Jonathan Dichter, who explains about the talent that gives their voice to Disney for attractions, animatronics and so on…

Job well done Lou, I’ll be there every Monday (unless I am in a Disney Theme Park somewhere) to enjoy your and your Guests stories from Walt Disney World.

Now we will wait for Nathan’s now project (Magical Definition Podcast, together with Tim Divine) and Monday’s will be filled with magic.

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