Disneyland Resort Paris New Years Trip: Highlights Day 2 – New Years Eve

dlrp-ny-day2-cheyenne.jpgToday was the day of the big celebration, the last day of the year 2006. After a good night sleep and a late wake up call we headed for our Cheyenne Breakfast. Now here is a change for the worst. Not that the breakfast was ever anything special but this was far below any standard. Especially the ham, which was given by a Cast Member to the guests, has been turned in a strange event. 1 Piece was cut in four and if you where lucky you got half of that. We never expect much from a breakfast while staying at Cheyenne, but this was just bad. Now this will not spoil our time at Disneyland Resort Paris and as I promised to give the highlights… here they are…

dlrp-ny-day2-1strnrcoasterride.jpgWe went to the Disneyland Park where we walk around a little to enjoy the park. of the highlights was going to be a ride on Space Mountain but Jarod my 7 year old son wasn’t tall enough yet so we had to go straight towards the Walt Disney Studios as Jarod was up to riding an “up side down” coaster. The Rock’n’Roller Coaster was the one he could do so we went for his very first RnR experience. Without any fear he walked into the building. With a little wait of 10 minutes we got to the ride. I asked the Cast Member if it was OK to wait a go and to get a front seat. No problem! Jarod walked into the coaster, sat down and waited for the countdown….

… and he loved it. His face on the on-ride picture was great I had to buy it. This was going to be his new favorite Coaster from now on, he said.

After a Coaster you got to do some flying Carpets. This was a good opportunity for me too try and peak over the fence and have a look at Toon Studios. It looks very promising and I can’t wait to go back and experience it once it is open.

dlrpny-day2-pirates.jpgWe returned to DL for our Lunch reservations at the Blue Lagoon. We met up with Dirk, Andrea and his friends to enjoy a late afternoon bite in one of the best restaurants of the park. The lunch was great (I enjoyed the Swordfish) and the atmosphere is always superb inside the restaurant where you can see the boats of Pirates of the Caribbean float by. Andrea was great with Jarod, who named him “the clown” and called him a new friend after enjoying all his “Disney approved” silliness. Even Captain Jack Sparrow who was walking around inside the restaurant couldn’t win from him. (Thanks Andrea for the extra entertainment)

Entertainment that went on when we rode Big Thunder Mountain later in the day; Andrea sang “It’s a Small World”, while waiting for departure, that got some reactions from people waiting and CM. A fun afternoon…

This day I also set my new record on Buzz: 411000. (Still far of 999.999) I also got to see Nine Eyes who is very well hidden in the beginning of the attraction.

The New Year celebration was of course the main reason to be there. We waited a good hour in front of the castle, playing, singing, talking and entertaining each other before we got to see a great firework display. However, because of weather, only the fireworks from the left hand side of the castle were used. There was so much wind that once the fireworks exploded it was blown behind the castle making it look as if nothing was wrong. It was cold, a little rainy (stopped before the fireworks) and very windy, but worth it! I love New Year at Disneyland Resort Paris. It was a great celebration…

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