Be a Virtual Pirate

potc-iii-poster-small.jpgDo you want to be a real pirate? Than this is your chance, or at least your virtual chance, to become one. As from Spring Disney will have an online Pirates game available where everybody can become a pirate…

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a pirate theme befitting the film’s beloved Captain Jack Sparrow will be online by the spring, Disney revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

People will be able to find the gateway to the game at the revamped then create animated “avatar” characters to “crew-up and live the life of a pirate,” Disney executives said.

People will be able to play the game “free for as long as they want,” according to Disney. (Yahoo UK News)

But if being a pirate isn’t what you want to be you’ll have a chance to become someone else in the near future as Disney is also developing games for other Disney productions where you can “life” in as Robert Iger mentioned at the CES (see also previous entry)

“You can imagine living in Buzz and Woody’s toy universe, or fighting in the magical world of Narnia, or sharing the powers of the Incredibles,” he continued, referring to several Disney-owned hit movies. (Yahoo UK News)

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  1. very berry Says:

    i loooooo oooooooo ooooooo ooooooo oooooooo ooooooo ooooooo oooooove pirates there so cool

  2. greenbean Says:

    this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen why did you people do this you made the pirate name a bad thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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