Did you already register for the Marathon at Walt Disney world? I sure did…. not. I admit, not so much into running myself but it does look very interesting to be part of it. The Marathon takes place on 6 and 7 January 2007, the half Marathon with 16000 contenders on the Saturday and the full Marathon on Sunday with 14000 contenders. 3000 people even go for the both days.

marathon2.jpgWhile I am not going to be participating (or even being there at the time) I do understand why something like this could be so popular and fun. I think it must be real fun to be able to do this and visit all 4 parks and run around some other fun locations of the resort. The full trip around the world starts at 6 in the morning just outside of Epcot and then continues inside the park, into the lands via Mexico and Norway before leaving the park again to go onto the road direction Magic Kingdom. (I would be tempted to jump onto the monorail)

Once you pass the 10 miles indicator you enter the Kingdom, going onto Mainstreet, passing true the Castle before exiting the park even before hitting the 11 miles mark.

marathon4.jpgThe next park to look forwards too is Animal Kingdom. You first have to survive the run onto the Floridian Way and Bear Island rd before you enter this park from the Conservation Station location at the back of the park. From mile 15 to 18 you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Animal Kingdom (if by then you’re not having your tongue hanging on the floor already – I know mine would)

Back onto the road and onto Osceola Parkway, making a little cut at the Wide World of Sports complex, before going to the Studios. It looks like you’ll be seeing most of the park during the run. I would have problems again not getting to go into some famous side street and up to the Tower Of Terror, that’s if I would even make it that far and that is very doubtful.

marathon3.jpgOnce the Studios are past it is only 2,5 more miles before you finish inside Epcot after entering the Epcot entrance next to France making you way around the lands, all the way up to Mexico before “sprinting” towards the finish line.

You know, I had real fun looking at the map, imagining the road the runners would take. I would love to take this “walk myself” (with some help of monorails and busses) as the locations are fun to pass by and enjoy. But for now I’ll stick with the colorful map.

Although it is more than likely I am walking a couple of marathons while visiting the Walt Disney World resort, it wouldn’t be fair to compare that with what all those runners are going to do. Good luck and lots of fun for those who are going to run!

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